Letter & Number Patches
Letter & Number Patches
Letter & Number Patches
Letter & Number Patches

Letter & Number Patches

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LETTER & NUMBER PATCHES Letter & Number Patches

These letter & number patches a available in 18 colors & 6 sizes.

This listing if for 1 (one) letter or number patch.

The sizes of the patches range from 2 thru 7 inches. The size selected from the drop down menu is the HEIGHT of the patch; the width is going to vary depending the the letter/number you choose.

These letter and number patches are available in 18 different colors. The color choices can be seen in the listing photos.

The material of the patch is made from gabardine or cotton (depending on the color), with an embroidered edge.

The outline border will be the same color thread as the patch, with the accent stitch being white. If you would like the border or accent stitch to be any other color, please include this under the COLOR box at check out.

These customer letter patches are great for jackets, backpacks, caps, lunchboxes, clothing & more!

PLEASE NOTE!!! These patches are iron-on which will provide a permanent bond to most cotton, canvas and fleece fabrics. However, if you intend to launder the item over and over again, it is best to iron-on the patch, and then sew it to the garment for a more secure bond. Also, please be aware that these patches MAY NOT adhere to all types of material since they need to be ironed from the backside. If you are attaching the patch to a thick fabric you may need to hot glue or sew the patches on.

Heat Seal is applied to the back of the patch. Below are the instructions to apply:

1. Before ironing on the patch, pre-wash fabric without fabric softener.
2. Place patch, adhesive side down, in desired position on top of project.
3. Turn fabric inside out and iron from the backside.
4. Press and hold iron for 8-10 seconds on each section until entire piece is bonded.
5. Delicate wash cold, tumble dry delicate cycle low heat. Do not dry-clean.

1.  Select the size (height) of the patch

2.  Under NAME please include the LETTER or NUMBER you would like

3.  Under COLOR please include the color of the patch.