Athlete's Number Cap
Athlete's Number Cap
Athlete's Number Cap
Athlete's Number Cap - Solid Colors for Number
Athlete's Number Cap - Glitter Colors for Numbers
Athlete's Number Cap - Thread Colors for Number Outline
Athlete's Number Cap - Sports Ball Choices
Athlete's Number Cap with Basketball
Athlete's Number Cap with Soccer Ball
Athlete's Number Cap with Volleyball
Athlete's Number Cap with Softball

Athlete's Number Cap

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Athlete's Number Cap

This cap can be embroidered with your athlete's jersey number!

These caps can be embroidered with any 2 numbers & sports ball of your choice.

The caps come in the distressed trucker or the "dad" cap style in a variety of colors.

The numbers are a vinyl applique embroidered on the cap in either glitter or solid colors.

The sports ball is also vinyl and glued to the cap using an industrial strength glue.

The thread color chart should be used to select the color of the number outline.  

These caps are great for parents & loved one supporting their athletes this season!

1. Select the cap style/color from the drop down menu.

2.  Enter the NUMBERS to be embroidered on the cap.

3.  Enter the COLOR OF THE NUMBERS (glitter or solid) & the COLOR OF THE OUTLINE.  If only 1 color is entered they will be the same.  

4.  Enter the sports ball design for the bill of the cap  


A proof will be sent you you within 1-3 business days.  Please approve proof within 24 hours otherwise it will be embroidered according to the proof sent.