Personalized Soccer Ball Patch
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Personalized Soccer Ball Patch
Personalized Soccer Ball Patch
Personalized Soccer Ball Patch
Personalized Soccer Ball Patch

Soccer Ball Patch

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Personalized Soccer Ball Patch

This soccer ball patch can be personalized with any name!  

This soccer ball patch is available in sizes 4" thru 7" wide.

The patch is embroidered on a gabardine fabric using polyester thread.  The patch includes an iron-on backing making it great for backpacks, lunch bags,  totes, clothing, caps, etc.

Each patch is made from scratch with your specification: patch size, name and thread colors.  


1.  Enter name to be embroidered.  

2.  Enter name color 

1. Before ironing on the patch, pre-wash fabric without fabric softener. 

2. Place patch, adhesive side down, in desired position on top of project.

3. TURN FABRIC INSIDE OUT AND IRON FROM THE BACKSIDE OF THE PATCH!! If ironed from the front they will not stick.  Heat iron to cotton setting, press and hold iron for 8-10 seconds on each section until entire piece is bonded. 

4.  If you intend to launder the item over and over again, it is best to iron-on the patch, and then sew it to the garment for a more secure bond.